1. FunZone Plastic Bubb-A-Loons (unopened)
  2. “The Sushi Box” (opened)
  3. wooden backscratcher, fork-like end
  4. small plastic Energizer bunny christmas ornament, with flashlight in drum (working), dated 1993
  5. “Speed Stacks” competition cups with 12 green plastic cups for stacking, StackMat, and sport carrying bag
  6. Pinocchio measuring tape
  7. killer whale pencil sharpener
  8. noise-making plastic doll, blue mohawk
  9. christmas carol mad libs (unused)
  10. soapstone carving kit (unopened)
  11. tiny remote-control car inside of clear bubble on top of working pen (out of batteries)
  12. springy green stick figure with suction cup at base, red mohawk
  13. “cotton candy swirl” cotton candy, purchased 2003
  14. snap-on gold tooth
  15. spongebob water/ball game, palm-sized
  16. square measuring tape with grass and lady bug designs, plastic green grass on end of tape
  17. SpyTech sunglasses with discreet rear-facing mirrors
  18. clear, rotating Stimpy key-chain (broken)
  19. deck of oblong playing cards in capsule carrying case
  20. Fear Factor Mad Libs
  21. “Vampire in a Box” (opened)
  22. cheshire cat bubble gum flavored lip gloss (partially used)
  23. green plastic frog with suction cup feet
  24. cheshire cat vanilla flavored lip gloss (unused)
  25. bubble gum flavored Pop Rocks (expiration date exceeded)
  26. fake “duh” computer key, with adhesive bottom
  27. sock monkey in reindeer pajamas
  28. Teletubbies keychain (Po)
  29. Teletubbies doll (Po)
  30. miniature Hello Kitty colored pencils (unopened)
  31. “The Lord of the Rings” trading cards, The Two Towers (opened)
  32. “The Bob Marley Legend” Collector Cards, Premium Edition with photos and “Facts of his Life, Music and Message” (unopened)
  33. green plastic thimble
  34. black and green Sanrio thermos with skateboarder
  35. “Hats Off to the Graduate!” mini book, with paper tassel hat velcroed to front
  36. ball-point pen with metal-ball chain connected to adhesive base (unopened)
  37. 2 tiny stainless steel clip watches
  38. Boba Fett Pez dispenser
  39. Pirate adhesive bandages (unused)
  40. small Del Taco velociraptor with removable outer shell
  41. “Diablo Battle Chest” with Diablo II, Lord of Destruction Expansion Set, and Ultimate Strategy Guide (unopened)
  42. large black cube candle
  43. tissues/napkins with Homer and Marge as Adam and Eve (opened)
  44. ScratchMagic black Post-It notes
  45. KROQ 2004 Calendar (unopened)
  46. Darth Vader voice transforming mask and speaker with belt-clip (working)
  47. “Grow Your Own Rock Band”, expands-in-water foam guitar
  48. Musical Spoons (opened)
  49. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3-D Trading Cards (unopened)
  50. Plasma Ball (unopened)