..and recommended: william boling (-:

8/15/07 (link)

Up To Date

8/15/07 (link)


  • i am replying to Mike’s email and I have a headache (about 13 days ago)
  • headache still i photoshopped a goblin into my bedroom 8-) (about 13 days ago)
  • i cleaned the bathroom, skin buzzy (about 11 days ago)
  • had a drink at goofy little union station bar (about 9 days ago)
  • daniel scared me (about 8 days ago)
  • programming flowers (about 8 days ago)
  • drinking wine with microwaved hamburgers (about 8 days ago)
  • daily routine: wake up, walk, gatorade, finish walk, computer (about 7 days ago)
  • finished roast beef, new MIDI application (about 6 days ago)
  • i am on the computer too much. i need to find truth or dare jenga (about 5 days ago)
  • yesterday i had an amazing pink donut with rainbow sprinkles from winchell’s (about 3 days ago)
  • today i had dim sum with daniel and wilson, i finished the cap’n crunch, i took a nap (about 3 days ago)
  • another unknown time is so hot right now (about 3 days ago)
  • i have two eggs left and maybe some sauerkraut (about 3 days ago)
  • i found some frozen vegetables and wine (about 3 days ago)
  • i am toast (about 2 days ago)
  • hiked up to old military tower with miki and andrew to see the meteor shower, but instead we saw The Valley (about 1 day ago)
  • this morning my sneakers are really dirty, my mom made me breakfast (about 1 day ago)
  • new rap song on the radio with straight up MIDI steel drums (about 1 day ago)
  • got called ‘queer’ by random kids (about 1 day ago)
  • daniel and i helped push someone’s car out of the street (it was out of gas) (about 1 day ago)
  • today i got some work done (about 23 hours ago)
  • today i discovered round table pizza lunch buffet (about 9 hours ago)

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7/26/07 (link)


(also a faster loading midi version)

6/27/07 (link)

me in screensaver

aurora borealis animated gif
The Age of Mammals . com
posing with my domain name

freeky swirlie face still from x-files intro

6/27/07 (link)

Klaus Schulze (1977) and Michael Iceberg (1983)
(i like both of these videos but for completely different reasons?)

6/24/07 (link)


more cake

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6/10/07 (link)

1995 to 2001 (detail view)

  Favorite band Favorite computer activity
1995 Smashing Pumpkins Sim City 2000
1996 Smashing Pumpkins Glider PRO*
1997 Bauhaus Glider PRO*
1998 Bauhaus Avara**
1999 Sonic Youth IRC
2000 The Stooges ???
2001 ??? ???

* editor-in-chief of online-distributed fanzine for Glider PRO (game), with various contributors (lasts about 8 issues); also authored many maps, distributed online (AOL)

** edited very short-lived e-zine about Avara (another game), a couple of maps

(See Timeline 1… I guess I’m interested in how the music I liked when I was younger was so disconnected from the time period & from things I was doing on the computer. Music & computers had an equally huge weight in my life at that time [talking about 5th to 11th grades]…)

6/8/07 (link)

guthrie lonergan, TheAgeOfMammals.com